Hey ISOS, tomorrow, Feb. 19th is the big day. Here’s a run down of the evening’s activities and other details about this project.

Volunteer Meeting

To see the original invitation in Thai and English click here.

Registration begins at 6pm. When you come to the gallery and pay to enter, you will be registered to buy art, have a chance to donate volunteer time to the BRC, and be entered in our raffle.

ISOS Raffle. As the night goes on we’ll give away pieces of art made at the Bangkok Refugee Center, art lessons from Chalit Nakpawan, wine, and more! Drawings will be made by influential artists like Kongpat Sadapitak and some of Thailand biggest hearts like Anchanida Premchaona, owner of Boungiorno Coffee & Wine Bar, and others!

Welcome! Around 7.30pm, hear from Dwight Turner, Founder of In Search of Sanuk and Chalit Nakpawan, Artist and Owner of Moddy Restaurant and Gallery.

The Cause. Next we’ll take a minute to remember the purpose of this big party: to help  asylum seekers and refugees. We’ll lend our ear to Arthur Mangan, Director of the Bangkok Refugee Center and Rufino Seva, the Project Manager.

The Gallery. Most of the art featured was made by refugees at the Refugee Center. You will notice that not all of the art is happy or optimistic. We hope this will give you a chance to reflect on how lucky we are to be from stable countries like Thailand and the US and use our good fortune to help these refugees from all over the world. Especially with the recent ugly news about treatment of refugees, we can no longer afford to look away. Explore the gallery and prepare your heart to make a contribution.

Wine Tasting from 6.30-8pm. Are you already adjusted to Thai time and know you’ll be late? Leave early and get there for the free wine. Don’t worry, after 8pm, you’ll still be able to buy a cheap glass of wine (120B) or a cheap bottle (800B) and benefit the refugee center.

Sick Friday. For everyone calling in sick on Friday, the party will continue to 11pm, but we encourage you to come early and have time to take in everything.

Map. Finally here’s a detailed English map with instructions. Some of our volunteers got lost and thought this would be helpful for everyone coming to the event. Take a look and see you there!