Lots happening as always, but I wanted to take a minute and give a short update on the projects I’m working on and where I hope they’ll go next.

Kids & Volunteers Celebrating Completing Their Course

Kids and Volunteers Celebrating Completing Their Performing Arts Course

Sponsoring Kids from Poor Communities

We just had seven girls from the Yommorat community finish a dramatherapy course we sponsored with your help. Each of the girls was selected because of their participation in our English teaching project in their community and received full scholarships to the class where they learned to express themselves through the performing arts.

We have a second group of kids from the Pinklao community, still in classes. They’re currently eleven enthusiastic kids (10 girls, 1 boy) attending a beginning English course that we’ve fully sponsored for them through our fundraising efforts.

Next: Later in the year, I want to restart a revamped version of our volunteering project. This time I want to team up with one of Bangkok’s international schools to host the project and partner with us in fundraising. I’m currently working on a proposal to do a pilot project with a small group of kids to see if it’s feasible.

Supporting Vulnerable Families

Still working hard to help families who have little to no source of income or aid. We help nine families with a stipend for rent and occasionally food and social activities (see my last update: An Unlikely Introduction to Asylum Seeking). The families are doing well in general, but there’s still a need for donors who want to sponsor a family monthly.

Next: I would like to setup an income generating project for the families. I’m brainstorming with a talented group of friends who want to help get things going, but still not sure what we’ll come up with.

Fundraising, Fundraising, Fundraising

I’m trying to get it drilled into my brain that fundraising will always be something I’ll need to work at constantly. Still it’s tiring. This month, to get re-energized myself and to get others enthused about the project I’ve begun a food challenge. Basically, I’m vegetarian all month– the same way many families are when they put all their resources toward paying rent and don’t have any money left over for luxuries like meat.

We’re now two weeks into the challenge and eating really interesting foods. Many of which I may never have been exposed without the challenge to change my diet. Read more on the Eating Thai Food, Vegetarian Challenge

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and comment below or shoot us an email if you have questions or ideas.


P.S. There’s a new facebook page for In Search of Sanuk, where I share pictures and make more regular updates.