This week I got a call from a woman whose family we’ve been helping.

Now I don’t want to seem heartless, but I was a little annoyed when the phone was ringing. I often get calls at random times of the day with random requests. Sometimes it’s the 7am call to say thank you for paying for our rent, a lovely gesture from a few thankful hearts which may drive me INSANE.

I work full time and have my share of a social life, but the nature of caring for people is you can’t really pick your hours. So I always leave my phone on and field calls from families saying everything from, “We miss you,” to the occasional emergency. I’m usually, however, a little happier when they don’t wake me before the roosters.

This week I answered the phone with my ‘what now?‘ attitude only to find out a family had been out of food for a few days.

My heart sank. I shirked the attitude and sent $30, enough to last this family almost two weeks, right away.

Calls like this one really jolt me back to the importance of the work we (me and YOU) are doing together to help families. This is the biggest part of the In Search of Sanuk project and I’m up at 3am writing about it because this year I’m aiming to do more than the $8,000 or so in aid we gave to families in 2011.

To do more for more families in 2012, I’m going to need to stretch myself and this partnership WE have together.

On my end, there will be more nights up late writing updates to share the project with you (some of which are sure to be rewarded with early morning phone calls).

On your end, I’ll need more of what you have to contribute. Whether it’s time, money, prayers or all of the above I’m asking YOU to step up the production this year.

Every month, in commemoration of our partnership, I’ll be updating the following “fun meter” to illustrate how much we’re accomplishing together:

In Search of Sanuk January Fun Meter

As of January 15th we have given out $1320 in direct aid to the needy. Which means about 87% of what was given went to help families like those you saw in last week’s Children’s Day video report. Awesome! But there’s more to do and we spent about $300 on families I haven’t yet matched with sponsors. In addition to sponsorships we raise money with events like next weekend’s Big Bite Bangkok to cover where the budget falls short.

I hope the monthly “fun meter” encourages more people to visit our donation page and give.

Similar to the sporadic phone calls, I will learn to think these updates not as a shrine to insomnia, but as a privilege and reminder of the change we’re creating in the community. I hope you will too.

Until then, goodnight!