Here’s your March FUN-raising update!

Our biggest need at the moment is for sponsorship for our families. So in addition to the above graphic I want to provide some of the stories we’ve collected from families we’re helping. Here’s a little about the families of Sakina and Ping:


If you remember January’s Children’s Day Celebration, we were presented with ten families from the Yommorat community. We wanted to help them all, but didn’t have the budget for gifts for everyone. We ended up giving food vouchers to seven families and decided we would help the remaining three neediest families with support all year.

 The family is trying their best to provide a good life for her but they still needed some help and support just to make improvements with their life and living conditions.

This week we spent some time following up with those families as we promised. This is where we visited 8 year old Sakina’s home for the first time. Sakina lives with her grandparents at one of the houses in the railroad community. Both her grandparents are working at places nearby to help support their family’s income. Sakina is a sweet little girl who is quite shy and doesn’t talk very much. In the past she didn’t talk at all and now she still has a difficulty communicating with others. She goes to a public school with the help of her uncle, who takes her to school everyday. Her house, like most of the other houses nearby, is a one room house made out of what looks like random materials they were able to find. The family is trying their best to provide a good life for her but they still needed some help and support.

Ping & Yai need sponsorship

Ping & Yai

In addition to Sakina’s family we also visited with a family of young boy named Ping. Ping and his family stand out most because of his poor health and the kindness of another family who has been helping his. Ping, who has polio and down syndrome, is only three years old and can’t speak. His family is being cared for by a woman they refer to as ‘Yai’ or grandmother. Yai isn’t a wealthy person, she has a limited income but she would gladly give everything she has to provide help for this family. She helps looking after the children (Ping has five healthy brothers and sisters), providing them with food and anything she can, but they are all struggling daily with basic needs.

Sponsor Any Amount & New Buttons

At the moment we’re helping twelve families, but the number is sure to be higher in April. These are just two of the families we visited this past week, and they are two of the neediest cases.

Remember we’ve added new buttons to the donation page to give in small increments monthly through Paypal or you can designate any tax deductible amount if you give through 100 Friends. We’ll share more about other families we’re helping in each fundraising report. Thanks for your support.