This week I’ve been restructuring our volunteer  program, so I’m able to focus my efforts on finding sponsors for the other half of the thirteen families we support. The changes include hiring help and implementing a some fees to help cover costs. If you’re volunteering with us in Bangkok or planning to, read the new guidelines for participation on our volunteer page.

Also happy to report a good time with the kids from Saturday school this weekend. They joined their high school mentors for a few hours of crafts, video games and pizza! Next week, we’re back on track with English classes, so this was a good way to get the kids excited about being a part of the project after a long break.

More to share soon on the families we’re helping and our most recent volunteering endeavor to do some language and culture exchange with handicapped kids on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Tired this week, but lots of goals in sight. Let’s keep running towards the goals we’ve outlined this year until they’re conquered!