Hanging out at the Wai Pricha Learning Center

March is going to be a busy month. A few days in and it’s already kicking my butt!

We’re relaunching our Saturday School this month and everyone’s excited to get going again.

In addition, we’ll also be doing a pilot project in a small community outside of Bangkok. For this project I’m organizing a cultural exchange with a small group of volunteers at the Wai Pricha Leaning Center which serves the handicapped and disabled adults and children in the area.

If our small team of volunteers does well we’ll increase the number of helpers. Our volunteering to do some fun in the community will be a launchpad into other ways to help. This includes getting one elderly woman a real toilet because hers washed away in the recent flooding!

An elderly woman's makeshift potty over a hole in her floor.

Finally, I want to highlight one of last year’s most impactful volunteers, Shimona.

I try to encourage people to help however they can, no matter where they are. Shimona, who lives in Singapore, embodies this idea used her singing ability to raise money to give us a big boost last year.

Buy a copy of Shimona's debut album and support us!

Shimona released a Christmas album and sold so many real and digital copies that she was able to raise funds to sponsor half of our families for several months in 2011. This year she’s released another album and again a portion of her sales will go towards helping families here in Bangkok (you can play the sample above or find out more HERE).

So here’s another way to give by purchasing her album, but most importantly I hope this inspires you to find your own unique way to participate in what we’re doing.