For every $1 we gave to a family the last two months to help with rent and food, $0.70 was sponsored.

So we’re making some progress finding sponsors for our families, but progress has been slow and kept us from helping more families.

We need more sponsors!

As you can see from our spending on the image below, we need to do more fundraising. To meet this need we’ll be organizing another Big Bite fundraiser in Bangkok.

People can come eat, give, and ask questions about the work we’re doing. I’m hoping the event will be as successful as the first and we can focus on meeting families’ needs better in the remainder of the year. We’ll share the details when they’re finalized here and on our In Search of Sanuk facebook page.

We’ve also just ended our Saturday School Program for a break since our high school volunteers will start their finals testing before summer. I’m reflecting now with the other organizers and deciding how to continue the program and what changes to make.

June Fun Raising Meter

Good news, there’s another way you can give if you’re in Bangkok. I’ve connected with a new nonprofit in Bangkok called ILDI. This organization is starting a store house and they’re going to fill it with everyday supplies such as instant noodles, canned food, clothing and more essential living needs. The goal of the store house is to be open and available when disasters strike nearby, such as the recent flooding and also to help organizations like In Search of Sanuk who are in constant contact with people in need. The store house will be a place I can go or send volunteers to get supplies we need to give out in communities we’re helping.

Here’s is a list of things you can bring to the store house if you’re in Bangkok and would like to contribute:

  • New or gently used clothing
  • Non perishable food items
  • Cooking supplies (cooking oil, spices, pots and pans, etc…)
  • Hygiene products (powder, deodorant, soap, etc…)
  • Medicine and other living essentials

Where to donate your items:

Your Place Cafe (At Newsong Church) on Sukhumvit Soi 39 which is nearest to the Phrom Phong BTS.

You can get directions on the Newsong Bangkok website and drop of your items from 11am-6pm, daily. If you have a large donation please let us know in advance.

Email us at info [at] if you have questions about sponsoring a family, volunteering or donating things to our project.