This has been an amazing and challenging year. Amongst other things I’ve…

… Helped with support to keep two families with 8 kids from being locked up indefinitely in the Bangkok immigration detention center. 

… Relocated a family whose underage girls were being used as someone’s personal source of cheap household labor (This person didn’t react kindly when one of the 11 year olds decided she didn’t like working all day long for $3). 

… Used resources to help families who are threatened with arrest or eviction in an effort to take advantage of them for whatever money they have. 

Unfortunately protecting the weak has come with unforseen and unsavory run ins with people who look to exploit whomever they can to get ahead.

I was recently interviewed by Stephanie of  the website Wandering for Good. Stephanie spent a year giving $10 a week to different organizations and writing about the different projects she was able to support. When she donated to us, her money went to help support the tutoring program for a group of girls we were helping.

Meeting Stephanie, who asked a lot of tough questions in her interview, helped remind me of all the things we’re able to accomplish because of small donors.

Thank you for your support so far this year whether you give online or come support our local fundraisers like yesterday’s Big Bite Bangkok, where we raised $1000.

Your donations make a difference and we’re slowly increasing our number of regular donors online. If you’re interested in setting up a recurring donation for  $5-$15 a month or want to sponsor a family with $60-$150 a month or more, please have a look at our donation page or contact me directly at dwight (at) if you have questions.