Each month, with your support, we help provide rent and food assistance for about thirteen families. For some reason thirteen always sounds like only a handfull of families, but it’s actually more than sixty people.

Six-zero, a number which blows my mind.

Believe it or not, we help a crowded tour bus of people live healthier lives!

A tour bus half filled with unschooled, school age children.

Many separated unjustly from their fathers.

So many it makes even silence on the phone with my dad seem novel.

The other half burdened by the weight of parents’ worries.

Parents constantly anxious about being arrested, money for food, money for shelter, and a snaillike UN process out of their control.


A tour bus with babies to hold,

Wet, wrinkled auntie-kisses to accept, along with concerns over hearts, backs, and hips in pain.

This bus is louder than a classroom left unattended,

Then awkwardly silent with the second guessing of adolescence,

And in an instant–

–suddenly hungrier than vultures encircling the cast of America’s Next Top Model.

Whew! This bus is an exhausting volley between hugs and mischief,

And getting hit by this bus is advanced coursework in compassion, sacrifice, and head scratching parenting.

I haven’t figured it out, but I’m excited about lessons to come and busy planning fundraisers and projects for next year.

Get on the bus! You can sign up, show up, or donate if you wannna help.