I certainly have my hands full with things happening in Bangkok. As you heard last week, I’m looking for civic minded groups interested in sponsoring our volunteer powered pre-school and we’ll soon be announcing products for sale from our project for underprivileged women.

smiling kids in cao bang vietnam

But today I want to share photos from donations we helped send to rural Vietnam. If you follow the map up the length of the country you’ll find a tiny border city on the crown of the country near China, called Cao Bang.

hao hao kids in cao bang

As is true with most of the South East Asia, the difficult terrain in the north is usually inhabited by minority groups who don’t live too differently than they would of hundreds of years ago. All the work I’ve done with minority groups who have fled hardships and persecution in Vietnam made me particularly interested in the chance to help children there.

cao bang noodle delivery

So we teamed up with 100 Friends and a few small orgs in Vietnam to get supplies to 300 kids in two schools. The donation included: 190 boxes of instant noodles, 200 winter hats, 60 warm coats, 50 blankets and some toys.

blankets for kids in cao bang

Besides the frequent inclement weather hitting the region, winters can also be pretty tough if people don’t have adequate clothing. These supplies made it ahead of the coldest months of the year!

coats for kids in cao bang

Thanks to everyone who kindly gave to make this happen for kids in this poor region of Vietnam. And it’s not too late to visit our donation page to take part if you haven’t!