Another positive omen that we’re off to a great start this year was having a team of friends from Impact 48 hanging out brainstorming ways to improve our project this past weekend. The purpose of Impact 48 is to bring together tech and media savvy volunteers who donate a weekend to helping a non-profit. The converge in one place, get to know each other, brainstorm ways to help and finally decide which of the tasks can most likely be completed within 48 hours.

brainstorming ways to help

In our case, the team had lots of ideas but noticed many of them hinged on one. That idea was to create a financial report from 2013. The report isn’t only a great idea for engaging existing donors and building confidence among potential donors, it’s also necessary for many grant applications. However, this undertaking wasn’t a matter of going through a few receipts, but a decision to spend hours going through ALL of the charity’s 2013 financial transactions and creating a more efficient system for tracking donations and expenses going forward.

impact 48 in action

For the weekend of volunteering, Impact 48 could have assembled half the city to accomplish one or two cool things for us, but instead the team was made of a small army of committed people. Much of the team had already been involved with the project, so knowing the goal of creating the report and the impact it could have, they didn’t balk at having to dig through hundreds of excel entries, old bank statements, and many of my unintelligible notes about families I’d purchased food or other supplies to help.

annual financial report cover

Despite the challenges, 48 hours later we had accomplished exactly what we planned. I’m proud to announce for the first time In Search of Sanuk has an annual financial report. Please be on the lookout for my next update which will have your invitation to download a copy of the beautifully designed and easy to read report. Thank you to everyone who participated in Impact 48 for sacrificing your weekend to help us grow!