Last week I wrote how friends assembled by a project called Impact 48, helped us to create a beautiful financial report (Read Small Steps for Big Change for a small recap of the Impact 48 gathering). This week I want to share the report with you.

annual financial report cover

The report is available on our donate page. Go there and just click the link and it should pop up in pdf form. The report breaks down the project into three causes: Survivors (providing the basic needs of families), Esteem (opportunities for women and young girls), and Thrive (education). For each there’s an abbreviated description with some statistics on our expenditures for each cause.

sanuk means fun

The project was divided this way to help everyone better understand the work we’re doing. At times, it gets complicated and impossible to explain in one breath, especially if people don’t have a background on the most vulnerable group of people we serve. To illustrate just how big an impact your donations are having on these families, I’ve tried to supply anecdotes from each initiative. For instance Thrive, the education project, tells about the impact the volunteer pre-school is making in a community with so few resources.

However, there was one story which was really tough to condense. This is the story of Ann (or Si) who appears in the Esteem section. Luckily, a film making friend Tara Milutis, was ready to tell her story. Watch this touching video above (if it doesn’t appear click here to watch on vimeo). Together with grants and donations we were not only able to hire Ann for part of the year, but support her home for women the entire year.

thank you to donors and partners

Thank you to all our partners, donors, and volunteers!

We’re looking forward to a great 2014, but can’t do it without your help. Please help spread the word about our accomplishments last year and ask friends to consider giving a regular monthly gift. We have 12 people giving regularly to sponsor families and expanding this number will improve the aid we can give to each. Have a great week and send us your feedback on the report and video!