children's day 2014

This year’s Children’s Day activity got a big boost from Adam Carter and the Cause and Affect Foundation. It’s not uncommon to hear Adam referred to as ‘The Beer Guy’. The Chicago native used to spend part of the year selling beer at Cubs and White Sox games and the rest of his time traveling the world.

making vol-au-vent with teens

These days Adam is busy teaching and running his own non-profit called the Cause and Affect Foundation. They helped to bolster our celebration of children’s day by providing $500 to purchase food, toiletries, and books. The timely donations will be dispersed between seven or eight families.

vol-au-vent made by teens

Besides Adam’s visit, we also hosted a small group of volunteers for a cooking class with our teens and craft activities for the younger children. In 2014 I’ll be continuing to put an emphasis on the importance of food and education communities about nutrition. We’re also making plans to fundraise to teach cooking classes throughout the year, led by a few long term volunteers.

thai children's day group shot

We’re trying to make the most of a rough start to the year. I’ve gotten so many requests from families needing help with food and rent. I expect it will be a busy year and will need your help to extend our care to more families. Thanks for reading, you can find our donation page to give and our facebook page for more photos.