Note from Dwight: Our last update was a big one with our annual report and documentary. This week we wanted to let you know about another worthwhile project. Please read the following guest post about Ben, a friend who has been personally impacted by human trafficking. “M” his missing friend isn’t very different from the children In Search of Sanuk works with, in fact she’s the same ethnic group and area many of our children are from. Have a read and consider sharing and supporting his film. 

human trafficking

Will you help make a difference?

Sometimes when we’re made aware of an issue it can be hard to know what we can do to make a difference.

Ben Randall faced this challenge in a terrible way when a friend he’d made in Vietnam, lets call her “M”, was kidnapped, believed to be a victim of human trafficking, sold as a wife or prostitute in China.

Ben had travelled around SE Asia for three years, travelling and taking photographs. He met M, a lively and quick-witted 16 year-old whilst he was teaching English in Northern Vietnam. A year after he left, he had a message from one of her friends that M had been kidnapped; she’d vanished leaving her friends with only a frightened phone call to let them know she was being taken.

As Ben began to explore the issue, searching for more information on what had happened to M, he began to realize she was not alone. It’s estimated that as many as 27 million people are in this ‘modern-day slavery’ globally, involving anything from forced labour to commercialized sexual exploitation. Many are children, and 95% of the victims will have experienced physical or sexual violence during trafficking.

Despite the fact that the UN reports that 161 countries are involved as a source, transit or destination, making it a truly global problem, this issue is not getting enough attention.

Ben decided that even as one person, he could make a difference.

He turned to the skills he has, in filmmaking and photography, and is going back to find M. Ben has dedicated his time, life and savings to the search and production of the feature-length documentary. But he can’t do it alone.

Will you help Ben to make a difference?

Please take three minutes to watch the video.

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