When we began to put out funding appeals last year for our pre-school project there wasn’t much of an immediate response. By then the project had been running for almost 8 months and had facilitated 30-40 volunteers, but we still wondered what the fate of the project would be coming into 2014.

kids on their first field trip

Fortunately, we didn’t stop at sharing the project online and applying for all sorts of funding. We were able to piece together a grant proposal to the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program, but again I had my doubts, not wanting to get my hopes up for the application sent in 5 minutes before the official deadline.

new shelving and books

It was late December when we heard our appeal had been approved! We’d be able to not only continue the project, but make many improvements in safety, curriculum, and extra-curricular activities.

enjoying new books from australia embassy

Like many grants for small projects our size, the grant doesn’t cover the cost of the building we rent for the pre-school or allow us to hire any teachers. So of course, there’s always more work to do, but it does help me breathe a sigh of relief knowing we’ll be able to continue this project with amazing children and uplifting an one of Bangkok’s most overlooked communities.

lunch in the park

Here’s a few photos of our new flooring, shelving, books, and our first field trip EVER with the pre-school thanks to the grant.

pre-school play room before and after

fresh air, bike riding in the park

field trip on the swings

Thanks for reading!

Reminder: If you haven’t yet read our annual report which tells more about this project and others, visit our donate page to download your copy (It’s a quick read, I promise!).