“When someone tells you you’re being delusional, embrace it…” – Derek Sivers


Yesterday I crashed the tail end of an entrepreneurial conference where one of the poignant pieces of advice, was the challenge to embrace your delusions. Fortunately, the speaker wasn’t giving mental health advice, but instead was encouraging people who may look crazy to some for chasing a dream. The difference between a dream and a delusion is simply one’s perspective. Your dream/delusions may run the gamut of endeavors, from long term living in a foreign country, to real absurdity like running a charity in your free time.

feeding frenzy

“A radical and transformative thought goes nowhere without the willingness to challenge convention.” – Malcolm Gladwell, David & Goliath

A charity in your free time? Ok in hindsight, I’d probably take home the award for being the most delusional in any room full of business people. But it’s those delusions that I’m writing in the middle of the night to thank you for supporting now. These are the same delusions which have led to us supporting 20 families, 8 of which we have moved out of slummy, dilapidated housing. Crazier still, the support we provide for food and housing is often cash given directly to people in need, allowing us to regularly out give more established charity organizations and churches. That’s not to brag either. It’s awesome that we can help people, but it’s pretty awful that we constantly have new families on our list for consideration because there are so few other places willing to help.

Fortunately more and more people realize the value of renegade, delusional organizations, even among those doing philanthropic work. So much so that just this past week I was announced as the winner of Big Chilli Magazine’s Expat Entrepreneur Award in the charity category. I’m including the nomination video here if anyone wants to watch. Thank you and stay delusional!

P.S. We cook! If you haven’t heard about our Courageous Kitchen project, check out the video and updates on my food blog.