Thanksgiving arrives early this year!

Ok, not as early as a Canadian Thanksgiving, but definitely faster than I’d expected. That’s because near the end of October we started a Facebook announcement, hoping to inspire people early to give towards our small, Thanksgiving fundraising campaign. The goal was set at $1500, the amount of money it would cost us to give enough food and food supplies to 100 kids and their families for an entire month. My hopes were that by Nov. 22nd people would have given enough money to stockpile supplies until the end of year and have a simple dinner to celebrate.

fundupdate_v1 small

But faster than I could keep up we reached the halfway mark! And just four days later we raised nearly all the funds needed to make it a memorable Thanksgiving for an entire community. Now I’m proud to announce we’ve reached our goal, with time to spare for people who haven’t yet had a chance to help further boost this struggling community, where parents often scavenge vegetables and other food from the trash to survive.

fundupdate_v2 small

With donations coming in so quickly, I decided not to wait until the end of the month to deliver relief I know people need immediately. So we have already begun supplying the first half of  the families with 15kg of rice, cooking oil, sardines, and a few other food supplies. If you’re wondering about the math, it’s roughly $30 to provide one family with supplies for a month. These donations should have reached all the families by the time we have our Thanksgiving party on the 22nd, and if people continue to give, we’ll make sure the neediest families in this community are provided for on into 2015.

teen cooking class bangkok

I aim to transform this community in the coming year so that trash scavenging isn’t a necessity. With the help of people who give regularly each month, we’ve already provided funds for people to get medical care, emergency housing aid, and even our first makeshift cooking class with a handful of teens. There’s plenty more to do, so thanks for your continued support and happy early Thanksgiving!

PS – Find more photos on our facebook page here.