To any of our older fans who may have missed all the recent changes, In Search of Sanuk has been reborn as the Courageous Kitchen. Don’t worry we’re still helping people and having fun, but we’ve got a new look, website, and are an officially recognized, tax exempt charity in the US. So if you think we’ve been quiet, we’ve actually been busier than ever and you should get over to to check out our new digs!

We’ve also got a new documentary out that you can watch below (click here if the video does not appear):

As you can probably guess by the name, Courageous Kitchen is all about food. What many people may not know is that’s actually how ISOS started. In the early days I had the idea to spend about $15 to help one family buy food for the two weeks of the month that they were short of money. Later what started as one family became five, and what began as just groceries grew to helping people find and secure safe housing. I wanted to help, but never really expected it to grow any bigger than that. Well it did and now we support about 25 families with some sort of stipend for food and housing, have a food rescue program where we distribute food to families, and our English classes are packed every weekend with students eager to learn.

So Courageous Kitchen isn’t as much a new idea for me, as it as a coming back to the original root of what I hoped to do. I also love that it allows us to get right to the heart of one of the major problems in the communities we serve: the issue of people not having enough to eat. Poor nutrition bleeds into every aspect of their lives from mental health to performance at school, so it’s a big change to see so many of our kids and adults excited to have some fun in the kitchen with us. The focus on food also makes it easier to tell people what we do. Instead of explaining over and over the idea of ‘sanuk’, I’ve been freed from giving these impromptu Thai language classes and get to simply smile back at people excited to talk about how food can transform a community.

Finally, it’s now also easier to give. If you’re an existing donor this means more of your contributions go towards helping people. Another perk is that US citizens can write it off donations on their taxes, and everyone (US and beyond) pays fewer fees. Down the road you’ll also be able to find us in the paypal giving fund where you can give without incurring any fees at all.

Thank you for your continues support, drop us a note on the Courageous Kitchen Facebook Page if you have any questions!