In Search of Sanuk directly provides food, shelter, and educational support for survivors of torture and trauma, focusing special attention on at risk women and girls.

The Survivors Project aims to rehabilitate and provide basic needs to survivors of torture and trauma. This includes victims of domestic violence, former sex workers, and refugees.

The Building Blocks for Rehabilitation

Providing for basic needs is not only vital to survivor’s rehabilitation, but is the foundation upon which we build the rest of our project. For example, the Esteem project for women and girls couldn’t occur without being able to provide a safe place to live and food for participants.

“Thank you… So many people have promised to help, but you have never forgotten us.” – Widowed mother of three who wept after receiving rent assistance.

Neither could Thrive participants study and take part in educational activities without first having their basic needs met. The importance of this project cannot be overstated and extends to providing environments where people no longer fear further violence, abuse, or alienation.

Thus support includes provisions for shelter, food, financial support, and emergency medical coverage.

Help Provide Financial Support for this Important Work

“Our family should have spent the day being sad and fearful, but instead we spent it rejoicing…” – Sponsorship recipient and father of a family of four on Christmas Eve.

The Survivors Project is supported by individual donors and local fundraising events in Bangkok. We encourage friends, families, and community groups to take a $10 challenge and commit a small amount towards supporting this project each month.

Your gift, no matter the size, makes a big difference!

Average Costs of Sponsorship

Here are the average cost of a few expenses to give you an idea of how your contribution makes a difference.

Average cost to cover a child or family’s food expenses: $30-$60 per month

Average cost of full support for a family: $150-$250 per month

Average salary of a counselor or social worker: $350 per month

Help Support this Project as a Volunteer

Because of the nature of this project there is a big need for skilled volunteers. If you would like to give your time and have the proper credentials and experience practicing medicine, dentistry, or providing psycho-social therapy, we invite you to write to dwight [at]

To support this project you can become a sponsor by making a donation in any amount each month. Please see our donation page to make a contribution.