In Search of Sanuk directly provides food, shelter, and educational support for survivors of torture and trauma, focusing special attention on at risk women and girls.

The Thrive Project is an initiative especially for the creation of educational opportunities and fun learning.

There are a lot of children and young adults who, for a variety of reasons, have fewer educational opportunities. Since In Search of Sanuk considers learning and play essential to proper development, strong efforts are made to insure children, teens, and young adults have a chance to learn.

Counting Worksheets

This project involves a multitude of educational and fun activities including:

  • Purchasing Uniforms
  • Paying School Tuition
  • Transportation to/from School
  • Tutors and Educational Materials
  • Extra Curricular Learning Activities

In addition, we also sponsor a volunteer run pre-school in an underprivileged community in Bangkok. The children who participate learn, play, and do crafts with English speaking volunteers. All the materials are provided, including snack time and lunch!

Support the Courageous Kitchen Project

This year we’ve launched a new learning activity, by getting kids from our project in the kitchen and cooking. The name of the project is The Courageous Kitchen, because in addition to teaching cooking and nutrition, we’re giving all of our students who participate real life skills!

Since kitchens model the real world, kids who participate must learn to plan, work as a team, and are forced to come to terms with the rewards/consequences of quick thinking. Of course, there’s also a lot of fun and great things to eat! Your support means we can continue this type of great activity!

Cooking Portrait Collage

The Courageous Kitchen project is partially sponsored by Worldfoods and has also been supported by Bangkok Patana’s Year 5 students and various volunteer chefs.

If you would like to donate to support this project or if your company would like to help us cover the cost of equipment and teachers, please contact us!

Let’s keep the fun going! Make a contribution today!