Your donation will transform lives. A tiny intervention now, offers drastic social impact that will affect generations into the future. The return on each dollar contributed makes this one of the highest social impact investments in the world.

An entire family can be taken off the streets for as little as $100 per month, about the cost of one dinner out in your home city.

Mothers can be rescued from forced prostitution. Children can enter public education for the first time in their lives. Regular nutrition and education opportunities can make these kids healthy and productive members of society. They can all be protected against forced marriages, slave labour and the sex trade.

Less than 20% of our total funding goes to overhead or administration costs.  On top of that, we fundraise more than half of that amount through our own special events throughout the year.

[Click here to download a copy of our 2013 Annual Report & Year in Review]

smiling kids in cao bang vietnam

That means about 91% of all your donations go directly to the most vulnerable and destitute in the form of housing, food, basic medical supplies, children’s education and job training and placement for adults. This is direct cash aid, that basically goes straight to the people who need the money to survive. We don’t have expensive offices, executive expense accounts, staff housing allowances or any of the other non-essential costs that often get hidden in accounting statements.

We run an incredibly lean organization helping hundreds of people with mostly volunteer staff. Even our founder, Dwight Turner has never taken a salary.

You can make a difference now.

In Search of Sanuk is project of 100 Friends, a registered 501(c)3 and US Citizens can make a tax deductible donations. 

1) Make a donation via PayPal

How much do you want to help? Make a one-time donation of your choosing. Any amount helps. Give the value of a cup of coffee, a night out, or something more. Simply click the button below to get started.

2) Sponsor a Family

A monthly recurring donation of any amount you can afford is one of the best ways to contribute.

Reliable donations make our funding more consistent and help us to formulate longer term plans to maximize impact.

Housing costs for an entire family are only $100 per month. Even a monthly contribution of  $10 will go along way to covering food for the month.

Setup a recurring donation with paypal by selecting an amount below and clicking subscribe.

Note: If you have any special requests you can enter them in the box below.

Special Notes/Requests

3) Donate by bank transfer to a Thai bank account

The easiest way to donate in Thailand is to transfer funds to our Kasikorn Bank account 035-2-23668-5 (account name, Dwight Turner) and email us to verify your transfer to dwight (at)

You can also transfer internationally directly to this account, by using the above details and the SWIFT code “KASITHBK” but be advised this usually incurs a higher fee than the other ways to give.

Thanks! Your encouraging feedback, hours put in volunteering, and donations are helping us transform people’s lives.