Volunteer in Thailand

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Thailand. Your generosity is appreciated.

We are overwhelmed by all the interest in contributing to In Search of Sanuk and other charities throughout Thailand.

The Best Contribution

By far, the best way to help is to donate money. One day of your salary in your home country will contribute far more than we can effectively utilize your time for a single day in Bangkok.

Donate a day’s or week’s salary. We can house and entire family for about $100 per month. A week of your salary may support a family an entire year.

The Challenge with Volunteers

While we are touched that so many are interested in giving their time, there are substantial costs involved in accepting new short-term help.

Please consider the time and resources required to:

  • respond to enquiries,

  • evaluate potential volunteers,

  • maximize the use of volunteer skillsets,

  • assist volunteers in coming to Thailand,

  • coordinate volunteer work,

  • provide training and orientation, and

  • take volunteers to various locations.

If You Really Want to Contribute

If you live in Bangkok and want to volunteer on a regular basis, your time and skills will be highly valued. Read below to determine if you have a skill which matches well with our upcoming initiatives.

If you’re just passing through Thailand on a short vacation, please consider donating to support our project. A donation will make such an amazing contribution to the lives of dozens of the most vulnerable in Bangkok. Furthermore, we couldn’t survive without the generous donations of people like you.

Opportunities for Skilled Volunteers

Desired language skills: Thai, Hmong

Desired professional skills: chef/nutritionist and doctors of psychiatry, pediatrics, or related fields.

Desired non-profiteer skills: advocacy, grant writing, program development

If you have one or more of the above skills or another relevant skill and appropriate experience please send your resume with references and availability to dwight [at] insearchofsanuk.com.

Opportunities for Large Group or Corporate Volunteering

We’re eager to form partnerships with local groups and companies. If you would like to know more about our project or sponsor an activity together, please contact us in advance by emailing dwight [at] insearchofsanuk.com.

Opportunities for Remote or Short Term Volunteers

Volunteer Fundraising Assistant – Help organize a fundraising event in Bangkok or a city near you.

Join a fundraiser or volunteer meetup, become a fan on our facebook page to see our latest activities.

If you’re looking for other volunteering opportunities, visit our resource page for more organizations.